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      False Flag Operations is a PlayStation 4 and PC Gaming Community. False Flag Operations was founded by members that wanted a better community for not only themselves, but their fellow clan-mates. To provide more than just the standard membership that most clans are. We are family.

      FFo was created to promote a great competitive environment for people that want to compete in clan wars, and also for members that would rather login and play without worrying about their rank/clan wars. FFo holds their members to a higher standard when it comes to maturity level, as it is not just any other clan. Our goals are simple; to respect each other as you would your family, and to provide a fun gaming environment for all.

      We at False Flag Operations would like to strive on our future and build upon the vast amount of clans we have all come from in the past. We want this to be your final stop in clan gaming. It is up to all of us at False Flag Operations to make that possible. Welcome to the Jungle.

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